Who Are The Laborers’ Local 42?

Local 42 was chartered on the 7th day of January 1933. At that time LIUNA was called International Hod Carriers’ Building and Common Laborers’ Union. Local 42 was a result of the merger of three Locals: Local 22, which was chartered in August 1, 1906, Local 162 which was chartered May 31, 1913 and Local 284 which was chartered April 7, 1914.In August of 2010 Local 1032, Police & Public Employee Union merged with Local 42. This created the Laborers’ Local 42 Law Enforcement Division an. Local 53 merged with Local 42 in March of 2015. We continue to strive for stronger and unified labor movement.

LIUNA Local 42 has a proud history of providing the finest representation to the membership. We are united through collective bargaining agreements and strive for better wages and benefits and safer job sites. LIUNA 42 members are on the forefront of the construction industry by being a hardworking, skilled and reliable workforce. LIUNA Local 42’s membership is actively involved in member initiatives, community politics as well as volunteering for local charitable causes.

Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer/Executive Board

Photo of Brandon Flinn - St. Louis Laborers' Union
Brandon Flinn

Business Manager/Secretary – Treasurer/Executive Board

3rd Generation Local 42 Laborer – 28 Year Member

Asst. Business Manager/President/
Executive Board

Photo of Richard McLaughlin - St. Louis Laborers' Union
Richard McLaughlin

Asst. Business Manager/President/Executive Board

Field Representative/Field Organizer – 40 Year Member

Vice President/Executive Board

Photo of Matthew Andrews - St. Louis Laborers' Union
Matthew Andrews

Vice President/Executive Board

Recording-Secretary – 23 year member

Recording Secretary/Executive Board

Photo of Brian Watson - St. Louis Laborers' Union
Brian Watson

Recording Secretary/Executive Board

Field Representative/Field Organizer – 26 Year Member

Field Rep./Organizer/

Photo of John Eremita - St. Louis Laborers' Union
John Eremita

Field Rep./Organizer/E-Board

45 year member

Field Representative/

Photo of Jeff Louis - St. Louis Laborers' Union
Jeff Louis

Field Rep./Organizer/Executive Board

16 year member


Photo of Simon Glaus - St. Louis Laborers' Union
Simon Glaus

Field Representative/Organizer/Auditor

16 year member

Executive Board Member

Kiwana McQueen

Executive Board

23 year member


Photo of Pasquale LoPiccolo III
Pasquale LoPiccolo III


20 year member


Photo of Raymond Sarkis - St. Louis Laborers' Union
Raymond Sarkis


28 year member


Ricky Johnson II


19 year member